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Advantages of Wireless Hearing Devices

September 15, 2017

Advancements in hearing aid technology have resulted in the development of wireless hearing devices. These hearing aids enable your hearing aids to interact with each other and work in collaboration to provide a more enhanced and organic listening experience.

In contrast to wireless hearing aids, wired models do not have the capacity to interact and therefore serve as two separate devices. They individually analyze and amplify sounds only specific to the particular ear they are positioned in.

Wireless hearing aids process sound signals within a matter of nanoseconds. This enables the hearing aid user to have a more natural listening experience that emulates regular hearing. Being able to hear at the same capacity in both ears allows you to find the source of any given sound easily and swiftly.

In addition to enhanced and more natural sounding sounds, wireless hearing aids also offer you a wide range of programs for your various hearing needs. At the simple push of a button you can switch on a program within your hearing aid and enable Bluetooth capability. This enables you to stream calls directly to your hearing aids from your smartphone.

You can also use the telecoil feature to have a more enhanced television-viewing experience with optimum sound clarity. Alternatively you can switch on the FM receivers and enjoy the world of music streaming from your radio to your hearing aids. Ask your hearing care professional to help you determine what features would be suitable for your specific hearing needs.

Wireless hearing aids open up a world of options by letting you have a more enhanced listening experience and letting you stay connected with your electronic devices. With so many beneficial and appealing features, there is little doubt as to why so many users prefer wireless hearing aids to wired ones in this digital age.