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Visit our page to see which specials and discounts we are offering. We will also announce upcoming events and presentations regarding your hearing health and the hearing aids we carry. To take advantage of the latest special offers available, schedule your appointment at our Miami FL, Marathon FL, Key West FL or Homestead FL office today.

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Enjoy the last days of summer with better hearing!

Make the most of the remaining days of summer! Experience the gentle splash of the ocean, the laughter of children playing, and all the great conversation with natural, comfortable hearing.

If you’re struggling to hear, or find conversations don’t seem as clear as they used to, don’t wait — call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Michelle and discover the joys of clear, comfortable, easy communication again!

Don’t delay – your path to clear, comfortable, and effortless communication is just a phone call away. Call today!

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Four trusted names. One unified commitment to improving your life!

Hear 4 U Audiology and other local medical practices have teamed together to create a trusted reliable network to take care of you and your loved ones. Whether it is hearing, vision, dental, or pet care, we are committed to providing you the excellent service that you deserve!

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We care for your Hearing health.

Hear 4 U Audiology offers hearing aids and hearing healthcare services including hearing screening, hearing evaluation and tinnitus treatment in Miami, Marathon, Homestead and Key West also serves Panama and Dominican Republic with two offices.

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