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Audiology/Hearing Health Care Practice

Hear 4 U Audiology is a private audiology/hearing health care practice that celebrated its Grand Opening in Homestead, Florida on October 17th, 2005. As stated by the owner, Dr. Michelle A. Couture-Souvenir; Our mission is to provide exceptional hearing health care to all KIDZ of South Florida, both the very young and the mature alike and to work collaboratively with other community health care professionals to meet the health care needs of those we serve.

Dr. Couture-Souvenir is not new to the South Florida arena. She spent 12 1/2 years working as a pediatric audiologist and rehabilitative services manager at South Florida's leading pediatric hospital. Having small children of her own, residing in the City of Homestead, and holding a Master of Science in Health Services Administration, were significant factors that motivated her to pursue opening Hear 4 Kidz, Inc.

Shortly after opening in Homestead, it became quite evident to Dr. Couture-Souvenir that the hearing needs extended further south from Homestead. Hear 4 Kidz created a fabulous relationship with Easter Seals of Florida in Key West and began office hours there in 2005.

In the beginning of 2008, Dr. Couture-Souvenir felt that the name Hear 4 Kidz was creating a barrier between her professional services and the adult community. Therefore, a new brand "Hear 4 U" was created. We welcome the opportunity to provide our exceptional services to anyone of any age.

In December 2008, Dr. Couture-Souvenir and Licdo. Enrique Chevere partnered and began moving the wheels to establish a branch of Hear 4 U and Hear 4 Kidz in the Republic of Panama. Today, you will find our quality services within Hospital Chiriqui, in David, Panama. Hear 4 U Inc., S.A.

Audiology is a unique profession. An audiologist is the health care professional who diagnoses, treats, and manages individuals with hearing loss or balance problems. A person may need to seek the help of an audiologist if that person or someone they know is having difficulty hearing. Children and hearing is an important topic, as hearing is critical to all aspects of learning. One might consult an audiologist for a child if the child has difficulty understanding what people are saying; if the child is speaking differently from other children his or her age or having difficulty speaking; if the child has had ear infections; if the child is doing poorly in school; or as an infant, the child does not respond well to sounds or people's voices. No matter what the reason may be, it is important to know that a childs hearing may be tested at any age, even as early as at birth.

Hear 4 U (with Hear 4 Kidz) provide a variety of hearing services: basic diagnostic audiology testing to include: visual reinforcement audiometry; conditioned play audiometry; tympanometry & acoustic reflex testing. In addition, provided are other specialized tests: Otoacoustic emission testing; Auditory Brainstem Response testing; Auditory Steady State Response testing; Central Auditory Processing Disorder evaluation. Other services include hearing aid assessment and earmold, swim plug, ear protection fabrication, and hearing aids.

We care for your Hearing health.

Hear 4 U Audiology offers hearing aids and hearing healthcare services including hearing screening, hearing evaluation and tinnitus treatment in Miami, Marathon, Homestead and Key West also serves Panama and Dominican Republic with two offices.

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