Industrial Hearing Test

Industrial Hearing Test

Prolonged exposure to any type of loud noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing. This is a problem that usually afflicts workers of certain professions that require direct contact with loud noises.

The employers of these risky hearing professions are usually aware of the risks that their employees take, which is why most employers provide hearing protection for their workers. Even so, it is important to take steps to protect your hearing and take hearing exams once a year to detect any warning signs of hearing damage.

Industrial Hearing Test Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) set forth guidelines to protect hearing of workers who work in dangerous hearing environments.

Employees who work in environments that are a threat to hearing are encouraged to follow safety requirements to protect their hearing. If any company is not in compliance with the safety measures outlined by OSHA and MSHA, they will be liable to face legal action and fines.

Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs

Hearing evaluations in industries often include a team of technicians that administer training procedures to help employees engage in safe hearing practices. These technicians are also trained to detect any early signs of potential hearing damage and refer employees to hearing care professionals if necessary.

Our hearing needs are different and some of the employees may need customized protection for their ears which will be recommended to them by the technicians. Technicians can also help employees learn how to use their hearing protection gear appropriately. Please note that these technicians are not medically qualified, so any medical examinations or analyses for hearing loss will need to be referred to a medical professional.

Talk to your employer about their rules and regulations about hearing protection, if you are concerned that you may be encountering hearing loss due to your profession. Use any protective gear that is provided to you on a daily basis so that you do not experience loss of hearing.

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