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Digital Hearing Aid Listening Programs

June 15, 2017

Changes in modern technology enable digital hearing aid users to utilize a wide range of listening programs; these enable the user to select their listening preferences based on their surroundings.

Initially after obtaining digital hearing aids, your audiologist will program your hearing aid externally using a computer. This customizes your hearing aids to develop various listening programs that you can utilize later on. After wearing your hearing aids you will then be able to access and modify these listening programs manually and in some cases automatically. This gives you increased flexibility to adjust your hearing aid listening mode according to your environment.

Contemporary digital hearing aids are capable of eliminating feedback and decreasing the amount of background noise. Other models are equipped to recognize speech patterns more easily and can be used to focus on high-frequency sounds.

Depending on your hearing aid model, you can access your listening programs externally using a tiny controller. Other models utilize a tiny switch that can be used to manually change from each program. More contemporary hearing aid models can perform this change automatically depending on your preset preferences without requiring any manual input from your end.

Several people may benefit from a wider variety of listening programs, especially young children. Due to their flexibility, the parents can determine which setting would be most suitable for their child based on the wide selection. Listening programs enhance the hearing experience of hearing aid users. Ask our audiologist today whether you can modify the listening programs on your hearing device to enhance your flexibility and comfort.