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Exploring Hearing Devices

October 16, 2017

Hearing aids are tiny electronic devices that are used by hearing impaired individuals to rectify their hearing. They are usually worn inside or behind the ears and can amplify sounds so that the person is able to hear sounds that they would otherwise be unable to hear due to their hearing loss. Hearing devices are equipped to handle different types of hearing conditions, be it noisy or quiet settings so that the user can hear adequately in any environmental situation.

Each hearing instrument contains three basic elements. The first is the microphone that picks up sound impulses from the surroundings and transmits them to the second part of the device, which is the amplifier.

The amplifier uses the transmitted sound waves that have been converted into electrical signals to help increase the power of these signals to increase the volume of the sound before they are spent to the final part of the device, which is the speaker.

The speaker sends the amplified sound signals directly to the ear so that the user is able to hear a louder version of the original sound. Changes in modern technology have given rise to the use of digital hearing aids which are far better equipped to provide an improved sound quality and a faster transmission rate. Talk to your hearing care professional to see what type of hearing aids are best suited for your hearing needs.