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Getting Accustomed to Hearing Instruments

February 20, 2023

Wearing hearing aids for the very first time can be an exciting yet somewhat challenging experience as you adapt to the sounds that you were unable to hear for so long. Approximately 25% of those who obtain new hearing instruments no longer use them due to their inability to adjust to the changed range of sounds. Hearing aids can really change your life for the better, and with a little time and patience, you too can enjoy wearing your new hearing aids.

Like any new skill, wearing new hearing aids requires practice. Start out slowly and be patient with yourself. Practice wearing your hearing aids every single day for a small amount of time in quiet settings, slowly increasing the duration and the variety of environmental settings over time. If you face some issues with your hearing aids, make sure to get them checked during your next visit to your audiologist.

Be sure to pay close attention to any particular sounds that appear strange or extremely loud to you. It may seem as though your very own tone of voice has changed, but that is simply due to the manner in which hearing aids function and will take some getting accustomed to. Hearing aids are used in order to emphasize low-toned sounds rather than raising the volume of louder sounds to an unbearable degree. If you feel that the sounds around you are far too loud, get the volume of your hearing aids adjusted immediately by an audiologist. Additionally, if you experience any hissing or whistling noises, this suggests that the mold of your hearing aid is not fitting you perfectly, and this can also be fixed by your audiologist.

Several online programs exist that can help train you in getting accustomed to your new hearing instruments. These programs are formatted to help decipher speech in spite of the presence of background sounds, and by so doing enhance your listening capabilities. Getting new hearing aids is an exciting time and with the proper guidance and patience, you will be well on your way to enjoy your new world of sound.