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Keeping your Hearing Devices Clean

June 17, 2024

Hearing aids are a joy to have around since they enable us to hear the sweet sounds of our everyday life. To keep them functioning at their optimal level, it is important that we take good care of them and clean them on a regular basis.

Our ears go through so much on a day to day basis. We come in contact with dust, dirt, and debris. We like to go swimming, snowball fighting, and rock climbing. Our activities may be fun for us but put our hearing aids at risk for deterioration and damage. Even by doing nothing at all, we still manage to secrete earwax that can also damage our hearing aids. This is why it is important to clean your hearing devices regularly.

Earwax is actually easier to clean in the morning once it has had time to dry overnight. This is why it is better to clean your hearing aids every morning instead of going to bed at night. Use your small loop and brush from your hearing aid toolkit as well as your drying box. Remember to open your hearing aid battery doors prior to letting them dry in your drying box. Always store your accessories and dryer in a safe place out of immediate reach of children or pets.

Each morning, brush your hearing aids gently outwards using the brush that came with your hearing aid cleaning kit. Using the pick tool, clean out the vents of your hearing devices. Check to make sure you do not need to replace your wax guards if you have these on your hearing aids. You can then insert your hearing aids into your ears and enjoy the rest of your day.

Long term storage recommendations can help keep your hearing aids functioning well over time. Always remember to remove your hearing aid batteries when they are not in use for extended periods of time. Store your batteries and hearing aids in air tight containers in a safe place. Always try to keep your hearing aids away from direct contact with water. In case you do get some water on them, take them out and make sure you dry them thoroughly using the drying box. Never apply perfume or hair products when you have your hearing aids on. Do so prior to wearing them. Using these small precautions you can save yourself some big costs of unnecessary repairs on your hearing aids.