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Partying with a Hearing Problem

January 15, 2018

Hearing loss can often isolate people and make them less sociable. Accepting your hearing problem and finding ways to have fun despite of it is the true way of making the most out of your life. Take some of these following steps to mentally prepare yourself so that you can effectively deal with and enjoy partying with your friends and loved ones.

Partying does not necessarily have to be a frustrating or overwhelming experience with hearing loss. In fact, you can actually enjoy yourself a great deal if you take the time out to be mindful of certain important factors. To begin with, think about your positioning during the party. Always take a seat or stand in a position that enables you to see the visual cues that are around you. When you are talking to someone, make sure you are standing or sitting face to face so that you can make out their body language and read their lips if necessary.

If one room has better lighting than another, sit in the room which is well-lit so that you have an easier time of seeing all that is going on around you. You can rely on your eyesight to help guide you towards having a great time.

Some people with hearing loss tend to hear better with one ear, so if you have a hearing problem with only one ear, make sure you use your good ear and face your speaker with that ear slightly tilted towards their direction so that you can hear them properly.

Take some time out before the party to talk directly with your host to see if they can accommodate your hearing requirements. For example, if the background music seems too loud, request them in a kindly manner to turn it down.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed during the party, take some time out for yourself, walk outside onto the porch to breathe in, relax, and take a break from the noise. Be alert and in tune with your inner feelings and take the steps necessary to address your needs.

Wearing hearing aids at a party can be the most effective way to enjoy the party to the fullest. Hearing aids can help you remain engaged and active throughout the party. Features such as noise cancellation can help filter background noises so that you can enjoy your conversations better. Make sure you adjust your hearing aids accordingly before attending the party to ensure you have the time of your life! Embrace your hearing problem fully and watch as it sets you free.