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Protect Your Ears to Protect Your Hearing

October 15, 2018

When it comes to preserving your hearing, prevention is always best, since there is no cure for hearing loss! Hearing aids may help you hear again, but they will not restore your hearing back to normal. This is why it is important to take auditory protection seriously so that you can avoid hearing loss later in life.

Hearing loss occurs due to a wide range of reasons, ranging from advanced age to excessive cerumen to head trauma. You may have loss of hearing in one side or both, and to varying degrees of severity. You may lose your hearing temporarily, such as during ear infections or pregnancy, or you may permanently lose your hearing, such as when your cells deteriorate with age. No matter what the case, it is always a good idea to take care of your ears so that you can enjoy your favorite sounds for all your years to come.

Hearing protection takes place using objects that block dangerous sounds from entering the ears. This is done using objects such as earplugs that are placed into the ear canal, or earmuffs that can be placed over your ears. The primary function of all these protective objects is to prevent the noises from entering your ear canal and causing damage. This can help you retain your hearing while enabling you to enjoy loud recreational activities. This also helps if you work in noisy workplaces.

Nothing can stop nature; the icy blasts during winter, the muggy humid weather during summer, and the windy days of fall. All of these carry the risk of damaging your ears either through harsh noises or buildup of bacteria due to excessive moisture. Trapped moisture in the ears can result in ear infections due to bacteria. Cold air is also a haven for bacteria to fester and grow inside your ears. This is why it is a good idea to wear your hearing protection all year round, to protect your ears from the icy blasts of winter as well as the hot humidity of summer.

Wearing your ear plugs during activities such as swimming can help keep the water out and keep your ears safe from infections. While engaging in recreational activities such as going to concerts or sporting events, ear plugs can help block out the dangerous noise levels. Your ear plugs can also keep you safe from power tools and noisy work situations such as those faced in the mining, construction, and manufacturing industries.

You may take your hearing for granted, but do so lightly, for hearing loss is an irreversible condition. Take good care of your hearing while you still have it so that you can make the most of all your favorite sounds for the rest of your life.