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The World of Earmolds

July 15, 2020

You may have heard the term earmold before, but may be unaware as to what it is and whether you might require one. An earmold is an impression that is taken of the ear and can be used for a number of methods.

An earmold is made by an audiologist by firstly inserting an otoblock (a block made of foam which has an accompanied string attached to it) into the ear. This otoblock is inserted using a syringe or a gun that administers the foam to fill up the available space as per your ear contours. The otoblock remains in your ear for a couple of minutes to allow it to set, after which the impression of the earmold is taken out of your ear and can be converted into your desired auditory aid. This process is usually very quick and easy.

Earmolds are often used for those who use in-the-canal hearing devices. Even those who use behind-the-ear hearing devices can have earmolds attached to them. For those who do not have hearing loss and do not need hearing aids, earmolds are a great way to create customized earplugs that can protect your ears from loud noises.

Even swimmers can benefit from earmolds by converting them into swimmer’s plugs to stop water from entering the ears during swimming. earmolds are also a great hit with those who require in-the-ear receivers, such as musicians, secret agents, hosts for television shows, and even air traffic controllers. You can even use an earmold to create your own set of personalized Bluetooth headsets.

You do not need to be hearing impaired in order to make use of an earmold. These versatile objects are very handy and can help protect your hearing as well as help keep you connected. Talk to your audiologist about getting an earmold done today and explore what other new uses you can come up with.