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Tips for dining out in noisy environments

August 8, 2021

None of us have been out to restaurants and public places over the past 12 months, our brains have become accustomed to listening in quieter environments.

We will need to relearn to listen in noisy environments, and relearn some important tasks when we are in those noisy situations, here are some great tips!

  • If you are connected to your app, remember your "social" program - The social program's default will give you greater noise reduction and more front-focused directionality to hear speech better in these environments.
  • Put the noise behind you - For some reason, we feel that sitting with our back against a wall is the best in a noisy situation. However, it is the opposite, since the devices are now more focused forward, your best situation is to sit with the bulk of the noise behind you.
  • Remember to continue to be safe while resuming social activities.

If you need any help adjusting to getting back to 'normal', don't hesitate to come and see me, I have the solutions to improve any listening situation. Ask about our signature no-contact remote hearing aid fitting program! Call the location nearest you today and discover the difference we can make!

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