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Value Your Hearing through Noise Protection

November 15, 2017

Hearing is often one of the senses we take for granted until it is too late. To preserve hearing, it is important to appreciate the important threat that noise levels pose to hearing abilities. Although hearing loss can be challenging to rectify, we can always protect our ears from hearing loss due to noise.

Hearing loss occurs when high levels of sound due to noise damages the sensitive hair cells located inside the inner ears. These hair follicles are responsible for sending nerve impulses to the brain which helps in sound interpretation. With damage to these delicate hair follicles, sound transmission is hampered, which can result in sensorineural hearing loss and in some cases tinnitus, which causes a ringing sensation within the ears. Sensorineural hearing loss results in difficulty in identifying high frequency sounds such as the voices of small children or of birds.

Even though we cannot eliminate the presence of noise from our daily environment, we can limit the damage caused by it by placing the source of the noise far away from us and our children. We can also limit the amount of time we spend exposing ourselves to high levels of noise, especially through electronic mediums such as televisions or personal audio devices.

The value of hearing is the best education you can give to your child. This helps them appreciate their sense of hearing and not take it for granted. Educate your children about the harmful effects of loud noises and teach them protective listening habits by encouraging them to use earplugs and playing music at lower volumes. For sudden bursts of loud sounds, teach your children to cover their ears with their fingers.

Children learn best by watching their parents so walk the talk. Practice safe listening habits yourself so that your child can imbibe these protective practices in their daily life. Always use some form of protective gear for your ears before exposing yourself to loud appliances or power tools. Hearing loss is irreversible but hearing protection is directly within our control so take good care of your ears so that you and your children can enjoy the gift of sound for all your years to come.